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Testimonials: What clients say about us

“Wisebiz have greatly helped us re-write and improve our main applications.  Since January 2015, Wisebiz have carried out for us a major re-write and improvement of our Keek iOS app.  In addition, Wisebiz have helped us improve our Keek back-end, Keek website, and Keek Android app, as well as develop the new Keek-for-Messenger app – for both iOS and Android.  Wisebiz professionals are reliable, responsible, adaptable, committed, easy to work with and have kept us daily informed of the project status. I am impressed by the quality of the teams working on our projects. Not only is the code top quality, but the work teams have displayed a real understanding of our issues and have come to the table with first-rate suggestions. Wisebiz have consistently delivered nearly flawless, well documented code. They can quickly understand product requirements, and breakdown development tasks to ensure rapid execution. Wisebiz set good expectations on delivery timeframes and consistently meets expectations. “ Dimi Paun, CEO of Keek Inc., Canada.
Keek Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture and OTCQX stock exchanges; it owns and constantly improves several applications for mobile, the main one being called “Keek” – which is a leading mobile video social network with over 75 million registered users. Keek is easy to use, fast and personal. With Keek, members around the world create and interact with videos up to 36 seconds in length and 111 characters of accompanying text, in either public or private views. Keek makes it simple for anyone to instantly create, distribute, discover and react to content in real-time across mobile devices and the web. The Keek app is available in over 190 countries across 6 global regions, and in 36 languages.

“Wisebiz has successfully provided software development services for us: they have developed a custom complex integrated internal web application that represents the automation of most Flightdeck Solutions’ business processes, including: client data, order and invoice management, supplier data and order management and processing, bill of materials, inventory management, forecasting, scheduling, budgeting, financial management, important documents archiving, employee scheduling, project management, secure access. We have been satisfied with the high level of quality and professionalism of services provided by Wisebiz; the application is exactly what we need and performs very well.” Peter Cos, President of Flightdeck Solutions Ltd., Canada.
Flightdeck Solutions Ltd. is a global provider of cost-effective flight simulation products, a true “one stop” hardware provider for a wide variety of customers around the world. Flightdeck Solutions offers complete solutions for all aviation-training needs – not only top-of-the-line hardware, but accessories and interface systems as well. (see Flightdeck Solutions site 1 & site 2).

“Since February 2013 Wisebiz have greatly helped us in software design, development and testing on many projects, larger and medium-sized, that included the use of technologies such as native mobile, Java, PHP, embedded. Wisebiz adapted to our company’s way of managing projects and have provided daily status updates; any concerns we have raised have been remedied quickly and professionally. In the conditions of remote work and distributed team, Wisebiz specialists have been able to interact successfully with all parties on the project. They have solved all encountered difficulties quickly and harmoniously and have ensured deliverables of high quality. We are so pleased to have partnered with Wisebiz and we highly recommend them. They are very professional, responsive, flexible, scalable, reliable, creative, agile, responsible and easy to work with. “ Mihai Popa, VP Operations of Lattica Inc., Canada.
Lattica Inc. designs, builds and markets web and mobile innovative software products.

“Through Felix TDT Inc (our note: former name of Wisebiz), Teodor has successfully managed three major projects that were part of our Ministry’s initiative of further improving our level of service, including innovative approaches and solutions; Teodor also carried out professional Business and I.T. Architecture work. Managers, system users and colleagues have all appreciated Teodor for greatly contributing to the success of these complex Ministry projects, for his outstanding leadership skills and for the excellent quality of all the work he delivered. His professionalism, dedication, integrity and enthusiasm have been greatly appreciated.” Kim Langford, Director of Road Safety Application Solutions (VP level), Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Canada.
The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is the provincial ministry of the government of Ontario which is responsible for transport infrastructure and related law in Ontario. The ministry is in charge of various aspects of transportation in Ontario, including the establishment and maintenance of the provincial highway system, the licensing and training of vehicles and drivers, and the policing of provincial roads, enforced by the Ontario Provincial Police. The MTO is responsible for: 10.4 million registered vehicles, 8.5 million drivers, 55 driver examination centres & 37 travel points, 16525 kilometres of provincial highway, ServiceOntario kiosks, etc.

“Wisebiz is an outstanding innovative and professional company that has demonstrated a depth of management consulting, project management and technical expertise. They surprised me with their expertise, service, responsiveness, scalability, and workmanship. They truly care about the work that they do, and the success of their client. If you want high-class service for a good price, Wisebiz is the answer. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.” Bogdan Steiu, President of Ambo Technologies Inc., Canada.
Ambo Technologies Canada Ltd. has been serving the Canadian manufacturing marketplace since 1997 providing best-of-breed solutions, professional services and consulting to a long list of successful clients who continue to demonstrate Ambo Technologies’ capability to compete and lead at a world-class level. Ambo Technologies help their clients successfully bring together people, advanced technologies and systems, with optimized business processes to drive productivity in design, engineering and manufacturing.

“I would recommend Wisebiz to any organization wanting to outsource software development, or requiring management consulting assistance. Their team stands out in experience, high quality work, punctuality, excellent communication, scalability, reliability and efficiency.” Luiza Alexa, President of Dekla Corp., Canada.
Dekla Corp. offers an exceptional selection of products together with complimentary design services. Specializing in Italian kitchens, bathrooms, closets, storage systems and millwork – Scavolini, Lema and Agape – Dekla has extensive experience developing custom design solutions for commercial projects, both locally and internationally. At Dekla, each residential project is guided by a carefully refined process.

“Wisebiz have developed for us several software systems that connected various hardware devices for automating the process of satellite detection and signal reception; they also developed a software application that automatically keeps a platform, which is to be mounted on a vessel/ship, in the same absolute position. Wisebiz have delivered our software products within budget and on time, provided regular updates on the status of the project, and were always receptive to feedback and changes. We have found Wisebiz to be responsive, flexible, accurate and reliable. Their leaders, analysts and developers are top notch, knowledgeable, experienced and can come up with creative solutions when required. Their knowledge and experience plus the ability to understand our requirements correctly have been the key factors for our projects’ success. We plan to use Wisebiz on various upcoming projects and would recommend them to any company needing an extension to their IT department.” Bernhard Panait, VP Operations of Apexsat GmbH, Germany.
Apexsat GmbH is a German manufacturer of motorized and transportable antennas, with clients world-wide. Apexsat is one of the few companies that have the ability to supply a full-product range of motorizations for Satellite and Microwave Communications. The multiple options and types of products manufactured by Apexsat enables clients to setup a very flexible and demand oriented broadband network everywhere on earth where satellite beam coverage is accessible.

“The consulting and technical people at Wisebiz delivered us high-quality management consulting and software solutions on time and on budget. Wisebiz demonstrated us that they are highly dedicated and committed professionals which can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Communication was strong at every stage of development. Overall, Wisebiz is a great company to work with.” Cristian Pop, CEO of Porto Petrol.
Porto Petrol is a corporation established in 1998 that controls large operations and projects in the chemicals and real estate industries.

“Wisebiz implemented for us a critical system that monitors all computers and electronic equipment, all applications and services, for the prediction and prevention of abnormal behavior through alerting appropriate personnel of all issues and of potential issues. All important project criteria were met by Wisebiz. We had direct and daily communication with the project manager and found the staff to be very experienced, professional, knowledgeable and flexible.” Ovi Biris, VP Operations of Pathway Communications, Canada.
Pathway Communications Inc. is a single-source provider of premium technology infrastructure, IT support and management, Internet, and telephony services to companies across Canada and the United States. Pathway’s managed Internet, cloud and collocation services are available across Canada and are used by thousands of companies.

“Wisebiz is a very competent and professional group of software development, project management and management consulting specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. Wisebiz brings a high standard of performance, keen technical resources, good work ethic, and do it all seamlessly as an extension of our own IT department. “ Mike Cotuna, General Manager of Hidromet.
Hidromet was founded in 2001 and offers complete premium pumping solutions – products and services – in more than 10 counties. They provide high-quality pumping equipment and accessories (mainly Groundfos) for heating, air conditioning, dosing and treatment, lifting pressure, water supply, wastewater discharge industrial applications, as well as consulting, sale, warranty and post-warranty service.

“We have great respect for the technical and project management capabilities of Wisebiz. Their people are highly competent, easy to work with and have delivered results that have enabled us to meet our business objectives.” Lucian Mermezan, General Manager of EuroRent Group.
EuroRent Group is a company that builds, develops, markets, rents and sells large office spaces and logistics parks.

“I highly recommend Wisebiz to anyone looking for high-quality cost-effective custom software solutions for their business. With their expertise, flexibility, efficiency and creativity, they exceeded our expectations. “ Mircea Deac , CEO of LegoPolar.
LegoPolar has a modern automated factory for healthy, high-quality frozen fruits and vegetables. The main activity is the processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables derived from international conventional and organic farming.

“Consistent delivery of mission-critical projects on time and within budget is the reason we continue to look to Wisebiz for our software development needs. Their client responsiveness, flexibility and attention to quality have given us a very positive outsourcing experience.” Andreea Zamfiroiu, General Manager of Arhive Logistic Banat.
Arhive Logistic Banat is a service company that professionally processes and orders documents into archives, provides modern storage spaces for archived documents, provides convenient and fast access to archived documents, and also converts paper documents to digital.

“I am very pleased with the software and consulting services provided to us with care and dedication by Wisebiz. They have been fast, creative with ideas, and yet responsive to the direction we gave them. I was impressed with the excellent level of responsibility, communication skills and competences.” Dinu Cotuna, CEO of Elkana.
Elkana has over 20 years experience in the drilling of medium and large depths wells. Elkana is a leader in the drilling of wells in Western Romania and operates in its Western counties. Since water, air and food are the most important factors that underlie health, we should consider the quality of water we consume daily. Water brought up from the depths is healthier. Elkana performs all services related to the drilling of water wells and pumping, including all installations and any repairs.